9 Blogging Tips for Beginners

It is frightening to start anything new until you’ve grasped the ropes and gotten comfortable performing the task. Blogging is no exception to the rule, and many people find themselves eager to start the blog, yet full of worry and anxiety. To minimize some of the worries that you have, first, ensure that you understand that your blog should be fun. While it certainly offers a plethora of benefits, focusing on the fun you’re having will greatly minimize some of the worry that you have. You can also use these nine beginner blogger tips to ensure your success.

Tip 1: Understand Your Audience

Knowing the audience that you are writing to will help you create blogs that get their attention and keep them interested in what you have to say. It is imperative to understand your audience when writing a blog.

Tip 2: Use Websites Information to Guide You

You can find many websites that help you learn how to blog, such as howtostartablog101.com. Using the free information found on howtostartablog101.com and other sites can help you tremendously.

Tip 3: Visit Other Blogs

You should never copy anyone else’s blog posts – ever. But, browsing other blogs that are out there can be of tremendous help to give you ideas and inspiration and even provide confidence that you are doing your own blog the right way.

Tip 4: Ask Your Audience for Tips

When you keep your audience on forefront, they’ll appreciate you even more. You can even gain insight for blog topics from your audience, whether you are asking their tips or heeding their questions.

Tip 5: Build an Email List

You will find ample ways to build an email marketing list. This list can help you find people to send notifications of new blog posts and build an audience quickly.

Tip 6: Blog Regularly

You don’t want to blog so often that you tire of it quickly, but you want to blog frequently enough that you are on the mind of your audience often. Many people post one or two blogs per week or month, but it is up to you to decide how often you post. As long as you post regularly, there are no worries.

Tip 7: Headlines are Important

Give your blog posts an appropriate headline that includes your SEO keywords. Headlines attract readers, so it’s important to take time to name the blog post with a title that grabs attention and piques interest.


Tip 8: Be Yourself

It is important that you are always being yourself when blogging. You want to give people your point of view and perspective of an issue and this can be done only when you are being yourself. Trust that people will appreciate it more when you are being yourself.

Tip 9: Don’t’ Forget photos

Images speak what words cannot and add quite the attraction to your blog post. It is important that you add at least one or two images that relate to the post when you are writing.